12-volt Air Compressors
Self-Lubricating Single-Cylinder and Twin-Cylinder Air Compressors.
Quick-Release Airline Connectors. Anti-Vibration Rubber-Mountings.
AIR DELIVERY, SINGLE-CYLINDER: 44 litres/min @ 8 bar (1.55 cfm @ 116 psi)
AIR DELIVERY, TWIN-CYLINDER: 65 litres/min @ 8 bar (2.29 cfm @ 116 psi)
MAXIMUM AIR PRESSURE: 12 bar (174 psi) (Single and Twin-Cylinder)
Made in Italy
Tyre-Inflator Kits also available for use with these compressors.
Part No., Single-Cylinder: EC 12V S
Part No., Twin-Cylinder: EC 12V T