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Do you fit air kits to trailers?
Yes, we do fit air kits but there is a cost involved. However, if you have some engineering skill, fitting an air kit is not as daunting as first envisaged. I'm only a 'phone call away, and would be happy to talk you through an installation. Michael
Do you supply air brake kit drawings/line drawings?
Yes, we supply our own drawings. They are included with our kits as part of the price, but we do have to make a charge if they are supplied separately.
Do you provide brake calculations for trailers or other vehicles?
Yes, but this service is chargeable. If you purchase a kit, the calculations are included.
Can you supply kits for tri-axle trailers?
Yes, and we can also supply kits for ex-HGV converted trailers.
Can you supply brake kits for twin-axle balers?
Yes, they are basically no different from a trailer. However, you will need to take into account the space available to you.
Can you put air brakes on to military vehicles?
Yes, we can, and have supplied various kits for specialist vehicles.
Do you supply an engine-driven air compressor?
Yes we do. We supply various types of air compressor to suit individual requirements.
Do you supply Wabco air compressors?
Yes, we can supply some Wabco compressors.
I have a 7-ton cultivator. Can you assist with installations?
Yes, we already supply cultivator installation kits.
Do you supply shunt valve kits?
Yes, we do.
I've got a Land Rover and need to uprate the brakes in order to tow a horse box. Can you help?
Yes, we can convert any type of 4x4, as they are all similar. The vehicle will then be able to tow any kind of trailer up to 3.5 tons.
Can you add air suspension assistance to an existing mechanical setup?
Yes, we have done this type of conversion to Outside-Broadcast vehicles, crop-sprayers etc.
Do you supply axles?
No, we don't supply them ourselves, but we can put you in contact with some axle suppliers.
Do you supply tipping rams?
Yes, but this is a new product to us, and hence we have a limited range at present.
Do you supply Festo switches?
No, not Festo, but we can offer an alternative.
Do you supply Voss or Raufoss fittings?
No, but we can supply good quality alternatives, TüV-approved.
What is actually included in a kit?
Everything you require, plus a layout drawing in colour, a booklet (as per our website), full technical support and backup. Feel free to contact us for further details.
Is there a product that replaces palm couplings?
Yes, "C" couplings. These are the industry standard couplings. However, there is another product which does the job in one action, eliminating the possibility of getting the wrong couplings connected, particularly in the dark. If you contact us we can supply more information.
Can I connect an EU tractor to a British trailer, as one has palm couplings and the other has “C” couplings?
Yes, we make a kit for this purpose, part number EPCK 001. You can see it on our drawing no. 0286 on the Agricultural page.
Can I use a 12-volt tractor to tow a 24-volt ABS trailer?
No, sorry, this will not work!
Can I use a 12-volt compressor on a trailer to keep the air suspension up while it is being towed by a hydraulic tractor without air?
Yes, but this method is totally unreliable and we would not recommend it.
Can I put ABS on an agricultural trailer?
Yes, but only if the axles are "high-speed", with ABS sensors fitted.
Do you supply hydraulic load-sensing kits?
Yes, we do.
Can I tow an air suspension trailer behind a hydraulic tractor?
No, unless you remove the air suspension! Having said that, there is a way, and if you ring me I can give you full details. Michael
If I buy a kit from you and need to return it for any reason, will you take it back?
Yes, as long as there are no components missing, and the kit is not damaged or badly shop-soiled. You would need to return it at your own cost, and there would be a small re-stocking charge.
Can I return a kit if I can't fit it for any reason?
Of course, but I can assure you that once you have received it and have seen how simple it is, there will be no need! However, if there are any issues, our technical department will happily talk you through, and we can also send and receive photographs if it will help.
Can you convert the hydraulic brakes on a trailer into air or air/hydraulic brakes, and what would be the cost?
Yes, we can convert single-axle, tandem-axle or tri-axle trailers, the price being dependent upon the trailer design. Just ring for further details.
We have two 12-ton trailers on agricultural axles and Super Singles. Both trailers use 20mm diameter rams which I would like to upgrade to 25mm. I would also like to install your slack adjusters. Each trailer would require four rams and four slack adjusters. Could you tell me how much this would cost?
Before we can give you any prices, you would need to confirm the spline size of your brake camshafts, which are usually 29-spline or 33-spline. If they are 29-spline, we would be unable to help you, but if they are 33-spline, we would suggest fitting EBC 20-25 air/hydraulic brake actuators to replace your existing rams, ESA 32-33 slack adjusters, and also fitting EBRK 20-25 brake actuator mounting brackets to your axles. The brake actuators are dual-input, the hydraulic ram size being 25mm and the air chamber Type 20. With this setup, you would be half-way towards converting to air at a later date, which seems to be the direction in which everyone is heading. You can see the installation if you scroll down to our drawing no. 0377-2 on the Agricultural page. If you need any more help or information, just email me ([email protected]) or telephone 01522 720065. Michael
Our trailer is locking all its wheels and burning out tyres. Can you tell me why this is happening?
If a load-sensing valve is fitted, it is more than likely that it just needs setting up accurately. If there is no load-sensing valve, one should be fitted; it would prevent the symptoms you describe. We can provide an installation kit and explain how the valve is adjusted.
My new-ish trailer has failed a brake test. Whatever we do, we cannot achieve the required 45%. Can you help?
You should contact me, as there may be several reasons for this. In most instances we can improve the performance. Michael
Why do the brakes on my trailer lock on in cold weather?
If the trailer has air brakes, your problems are almost certainly caused by water in the system which then freezes in very cold weather. This can happen when there is no air dryer fitted to the tractor system, resulting in moisture-laden air being transmitted to the trailer brakes. As its name suggests, an air dryer removes practically all the water content from the air system and prevents numerous problems, including the one you describe. Fitting one is recommended.
How can I obtain accurate proof that the brakes are working on my trailer?
Brake roller-testing is the only way to obtain accurate results, and you will be given a detailed printout, (but ensure that the brake roller-test station is wide enough to take your tyre width).
Why are some of your kits dearer than the competition?
They are not really any dearer! It may appear so, taken at face value, but you do get what you pay for. (Ask yourself whether you want a Rover or a Bugatti!)
Do you have a fitter who can come out?
Yes we do, but there is a cost for this service. There would also be travelling expenses to pay, but to avoid those you would be welcome to bring your vehicle to our workshop.
How long does it take to fit one of your kits?
A competent fitter could install a kit in a day, on average. Inevitably, the first kit will take a little longer than subsequent ones, but to help you as much as we can, we supply layout drawings (in colour), and the main components of the kit are pre-assembled, rather like a model kit!
Do you supply air bags for cab suspension, and what would the guide price be?
Yes, we supply these. The prices vary however, depending on the size of the air bag.
Can we equip our vehicles with both palm couplings and "C" couplings? At the moment they are fitted with either one type of coupling or the other.
Yes, you can, and we do a converter kit ECCK 001. Just call me for details. Michael
The brake chambers on my old trailer have Imperial threads. Could you supply metric adaptors/fittings?
Yes, we can supply those.
Could you supply an air compressor to enable me to run a tyre-inflator from my tractor?
Yes, we can supply a 12-volt compressor for this purpose. If there is an existing system, you could connect the tyre inflator to a test point (e.g. on the unloader valve) or we could give you a suitable tyre-inflator coupling to connect into your system. See drawing no. 0558 on our Agricultural page.
Do you supply immobilisers, anti-theft devices, alarm systems or anything else that would stop my vehicle being nicked?!!
Yes, we supply various devices that could be of use to you. If your intention is simply to thwart the opportunist (or naughty children!) we supply a relatively inexpensive product that would do the job. On the other hand, investing a little more would provide you with a system that would immobilise your vehicle, and prevent it from being moved. Tracking devices are not included in our range however.
Do you sell a cab anti-rolling system?
Yes, but not from stock. Bertocco supply one, however, and we can contact them for price and availability.
Do you supply Humphrey valves?
No, but we do supply an equivalent product (see Erentek Products, drawing reference 0393).
Do you supply axle-lift control valves?
Yes we do. Please contact me if you need any help, Michael.
Do you supply Barksdale and DEL valves?
Yes we do, and we can also offer alternatives.
Do you supply a four-stud Type-30 brake chamber?
"Yes" for Kato, but "No" for Hino.
Could you make an air kit, with a compressor, to suit a Dodge 3500 with rear-wheel drive?
Yes we could do that; it is the same as a tractor kit.
Could you make an air kit, with a compressor, to suit a rear-wheel diesel Transit van?
Yes we could do that; it is the same as a tractor kit.
Do you sell double pulleys?
Sorry, we can only supply single pulleys at the moment (and unfortunately two singles will not make a double!).
Are your air tanks built to a standard?
Yes, ours are all built in accordance with NORM 87-404CE/EN286-PT2 (unlike some tanks on the market).
I require a single-circuit fluid-reaction valve. Do you supply them?
Yes, and to give you an idea, I refer you to our Parts page, where they are shown under section "F". You may then need to ring me for further clarification, Michael.
Do you sell an oil/air actuator?
Yes, we do. A typical part number would be EBC20-25, which denotes a Type-20 air chamber with a 25mm hydraulic ram. (Dual-input brake actuators such as these can also be referred to as "Air/Hydraulic Actuators" or "Air/Hydraulic Brake Chambers".)
I have a tri-axle trailer and want to change it to agricultural use. Can I still use my existing ABS?
No, not if it is 24-volt. Agricultural systems are 12-volt.
We are building a new trailer, a four-wheel turntable type for HGV use. Can you help?
Yes, of course, we can help you with this. We would start by preparing drawings and brake calculations.
My trailer brakes drag on all the time and have done so since day one! Can you tell me what the problem is?
Ring me if you can, and I will talk you through the test procedures first; it may be a tractor fault.
Could you upgrade a 1942 AEC Matador ex-military truck to a modern braking system?
Yes, we could do that. To assist us, however, it would help if we could see some photographs of the existing chassis components, to give us an idea of the space available for replacement parts.
We deal with local authorities. They have tight criteria and are very stringent about being able to establish traceability and where parts have been sourced. So, can you tell me if your pipe fittings and nylon tubing comply with TüV standards and DIN specifications?
Yes, in both instances our products comply. The pipe fittings are TüV-approved and the nylon tube is the correct DIN specification for air brake use. We will not deviate from this policy. Not all fittings in the market place are alike, however, it has to be said. If you buy cheap you are almost inevitably buying a sub-standard product. At best, the product could have a short life span, at worst it could put lives in danger. Is it worth it?
Do you supply onboard weighing systems for trailers with mechanical suspension?
We can help you with this. Just contact me and I will explain what we are able to offer. Michael
Do you supply EBS braking equipment?
No, we don't supply any EBS equipment at the moment.
Can you adapt couplings to go on the back of a tractor?
Yes, we can.
Do you supply air brakes for Jeep or Landrover trailers?
Yes, we do.
Is it worth refurbishing an old agricultural trailer, or converting a heavy goods trailer for agricultural use?
Yes. There is nothing on a trailer that can't be repaired, modified or replaced. This includes all chassis work, axles, wheels, brakes, suspension, bodywork, tipping gear, electrical equipment, shot-blasting, welding, paintwork, etc. etc. Air brakes can be fitted if required, or an hydraulic load-sensing valve installed to improve braking efficiency and save tyre wear. Whether you are able to carry out the work yourself or get a specialist to do it, we can offer our advice.
What size of bar do I need for the load-sensing balance beam on a tandem-axle trailer?
50 x 50 mild steel angle, 4mm thick if possible.
How many tanks do I get with a tractor brake kit?
Just one. That's all you need.
Will I get an air dryer with a tractor brake kit?
An air dryer isn't normally included in the kit but it is an option.
If I buy an ABS kit from you, will a 12-volt ABS coil be included?
We don't normally include it since the tractor should have one already, but it is an option.
Do you have a kit to convert air to hydraulics?
For trailers, yes. We can supply hydraulic rams and a hydraulic load-sensing valve.
Do you stock Cojali viscous fans?
We don't keep them in stock but we can get them for you.
How is the hydraulically-driven air compressor actually driven?
The hydraulic motor which powers the compressor is driven via one of the spool valves on the tractor. The motor requires 35 litres of oil per minute at a pressure of 75 bar approximately.
We can't connect our tractor's air couplings safely as they are too high to reach without standing on the drawbar, and it is hard to push in the red line. Is there a solution?
Yes, we supply a kit which will bring the couplings down to waist height and allow you to stand on the ground. Our part no. is ETK 002. (See our Agricultural page, drawing no. 0553 in the list.) The kit can be detached when not in use.
I have complained to my tractor dealer about the poor brakes on my trailer and they say I need to sort them! What is the cheapest way?
If you have a problem with your trailer brakes we can help you. We would need the specification of the trailer before we were able to give you any detailed advice however.
We have a crop-sprayer on standard drive axles, and have air on the machine already. Could we upgrade from hydraulic to air brakes?
Yes, it can be done. We will need to know all the details so that our installation kit matches the requirements of the vehicle.
Could I buy a drawing from you if I have already bought my kit elsewhere?
Yes, you could, but of course we would need all the relevant information about your kit so that our drawing was fully compatible with it.
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